a mobile app providing a fast, simple
and more objective way to detect concussions

Unlike traditional concussion screening methods which require cumbersome equipment or medical training, take a long time to administer, and are prone to manipulation by athletes, Contect is a simple app that runs on your mobile device and recognizes the changes in speech acoustics that occur with concussions. The result is a more objective, highly mobile concussion screening test that takes only 2 minutes to perform and can protect your athletes from the dangers of repeated concussions.

Pro & College Athletics

Demonstrate your commitment to protecting your athletes by participating in the Contect network. Contect’s speech-based detection method adds a data-driven tool to your team physician’s assessment, and can help avoid conflict between coaches, players & trainers, while protecting both your athletes and your program.

High School & Youth Athletics

Comply with state-mandated concussion screening with a simple-to-use, objective, concussion screening tool that requires no medical training, and can be administered by coaches or trainers on the sideline.

Team Trainers & Physicians

Show you are on the forefront of mTBI research, offer your clients access to the latest cutting-edge concussion detection technology, and grow your business with Contect’s partnership programs.

Make a difference.

Help advance concussion research.

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The research is being carried out in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame.

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The Concussion Problem and the Science Behind Contect.

Learn more about the concussion problem, and how Contect's solution helps.

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